Airplane Alliance Community chapter on Data, AI and Digital Commercialisation

11th June 14.00 - 15.30 CEST

Airplane Alliance Community chapter on Data, AI and Digital Commercialisation

11th June 14.00 - 15.30 CEST

The challenge with Data, AI and Digital Commercialisation 

According to studies conducted by McKinsey and MIT Sloan, 70% of AI initiatives showed little or no business returns and 40% of organizations making significant investments in AI did not report business gains from AI. Furthermore, only 12% of the global use-cases had progressed beyond the experimental stage. According to Adobe, 70% of US workers don’t feel equipped to leverage AI as part of their jobs.

The goal of the meetup

Meet peers and probe if your obstacles to commercialize data/AI/digital match their obstacles. Learn about tools to accelerate the stabilisation of effective ways of working that have been developed in working groups. Form working groups to collect and consolidate practices solving one of the obstacles.

Meet up details


11th June 14.00 - 15.30 CEST


What’s Up Session – Tell Us What’s On Your Mind Right Now –  60 Sec Each

Guest Speaker: Niklas Olsson, Head of Data & Mobility Services

Topic: Moving from a heavy line (function) and project organization to an agile and fast customer value focused organization. What does it mean for the employees, managers and governance?

Speaker Bio:

Through my great commitment to creating conditions for autonomous and agile teams, I appreciate creating the driving force to deliver customer-focused value.

I have always been interested in the digital world, have built my own computers and programmed since my teens; has professionally and academically also moved me in the borderland between technology and business. Some highlights of what I have done at Scania:

Platform responsible for Common Commercial Systems at Scania – all IT infrastructure and technology to operate Scania’s commercial systems.

Commercialized one of Scania’s largest digital services; Flexible Maintenance where we have digitized and optimized Scania’s maintenance program from planning to execution.

In recent months, we have started up the Data & Mobility Services business area at Scania, where we are working to establish Scania in the value network that is created within and around our value chain strongly driven by digitalization.

Problems Worth Solving – How to identify and measure the Business Value in Data/AI Initiatives – 20 Min

Workgroup Presentation 1 – Business Solution Owner Pilot in Tetra Pak: Learnings and Opportunities – 20 Min

Workgroup Presentation 2 – Business Solution Owner Role in relation to other roles in a Data/AI Team – 20 Min

How can Business Solution Owner secure Management commitment and Funding – Peer Group Discussion – 20 Min

Expert facilitation for further investigation and group work on the next 2-3 areas for the community to take up. – 20 Min

Post Event Get-Together

Decide on a format and next steps in the community chapter

Discuss your wanted level of contribution and engagement in the chapter. Driver vs co-creator vs expert vs. Meet-up participant.

How to get an invite:

Sign up to get free Access to the Airplane Alliance knowledge sharing and co-creation platform on MS Teams. The invite to the event will be sent out as a calendar invite with access to an MS Teams meeting from within the platform. Simply confirm the calendar invite, So we can plan the meetup based on the number of participants. Max number of participants limited to be able to manage max three break-out sessions.

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Who is this meetup for?

This meetup and community chapter is intended for all practitioners and experts working in the Data, AI and Digital commercialization space. They include colleagues from Digital Business Innovation, Digital Business Development/Business Acceleration, Product Owners for Analytical Solutions and Services, Solution Architects, Business Owners for Data-driven Products and Services, Head of Analytics/Digital and Business Designers working in pricing, business model design and service design.

Key meet up outcomes for you as individual

Meeting and building a network with peers sharing the same agenda and headaches.

Benchmarking your situation and challenges and identify a common list of issues and problems relevant to address with your peers. Rather than alone.

Key meet up outcomes for the Airplance alliance

Establishing common ground and energy worthwhile establishing a commercialization community chapter.

Prioritize the shortlist of key issues and topics this chapter wants to address.

Airplane Alliance problem root-cause analysis and value proposition

A key issue to have a simple, usable and valuable AI solution for our customers or users is that we need to deal with a lot of complexity behind the scene. Complexity like developing and operating solutions at the same time simultaneously. Complexity like bringing diverse skills together around creating the solution, UX, Data, Algorithms, business model, sales and marketing, commercial and legal aspects etc.

The future data/AI fuelled products and services will require orchestration across many skills and disciplines where we smartly do things in the right order and understand each other and the maturity of the solution at a given state. All across a cross-disciplinary team working as one. In a “lean startup” use case life cycle. From idea to commercial service in production.

We have all been trained in our specialist disciplines, but not so much how to bring our skills jointly together. In the Airplane Alliance, we work on clarifying and stabilizing a common lingo, artifacts and methods that allow us to work effectively as a cross-disciplinary team. We who started this community all feel strongly that working peer2peer with a focus on co-creation and knowledge sharing is the way forward. To together stabilise ways of working persistently over time as a community is the most direct route to learning and adoption. I.e We believe in learning by doing or action learning is the strongest type of adult learning and inspiration.

Our meetups in the data, AI, and digital commercialisation chapter has the purpose to grow this community. Both in terms of members, knowledge, and sharable content. We want to discuss, benchmark and knowledge-share our approaches with all your peers. We expect to identify common challenges that we as a community can focus on overtime that we can address via co-creation and collaboration as a way to get better results faster AND cheaper with less effort for each individual. You will never walk alone.