About Airplane Alliance

In the Airplane Alliance, we co-create and share Data/AI best practices. Accelerate trough adapting what has been proven by your peers.

There are three ways to join. You can easily become a free Explorer, you can apply to join The Family or you can become a Council Member.


Get free access to the Alliance to start your data/AI journey.


Invest in any kind of engagement with Alliance experts to get family access.


Influence and sponsor the Airplane Alliance open-source agenda and topics.

Become an Explorer for free

Gain awareness of what it takes to drive the data/AI journey. Explore how you can get value from the Alliance. Start building your own point of view and Data/AI savviness.
Join the Alliance community platform, start exploring, network, and use all that is available as open-source. Join our open meetups and get invited to contribute as a peer expert.
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Be a part of The Family

Your family tells you like it is but still love you. This level of engagement helps you identify your gaps and what to focus on through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
Training, workshops, consulting help us grow and move forward together. As a family member, you get access to some of our VIP invitation-only peer-to-peer sessions. Joining the Airplane Alliance family gives you great value at a very low cost.
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Shape the way forward as a Council Member

Join the Airplane Alliance Council as an organization to engage and collaborate with seasoned experts and peers on the next level. Clone the Airplane Alliance community approach within your own organization and your internal collaboration tools.

Influence the Airplane open-source agenda towards topics you care about and become invited to our open-source workshops where we secure that we curate content that we all can share. With sponsored and bilateral engagements, you can start shaping the appropriate solution blueprints, backlogs, and plans for your organization’s Data/AI journey.
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— Christian Rasmussen, Grundfos, Airplane Alliance Council Member

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